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Woah there partner, I know that you're rearing to get out into the vastness of space to claim your title as a bounty hunter, but that ship is a hunk of junk! I know it has sentimental value being your great uncle thrice removed's, but that think just *looks* unstable! This isn't exactly the friendliest start system you know, what with the pirates and unstable local government and all. Ah well, I guess if you get yourself into too much of a jam the local rescue teams can put you back together. You remind me of your siblings, more can-do attitude than brains...

This game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 49, who's theme was "Unstable"

 Note: Music was made before jam, sound effects were generated using jsfxr


Note: Due to a Unity bug, menu inputs in WebGL are inverted along the Y (up/down) axis

Tutorial / Gameplay Hints

Heat and Durability

Your ship may not be quite what it used to be. The weapons and thrusters have a tendency to overheat, and using salvaged guns means that they are quick to break down! Watch the meters at the bottom of your screen to manage your heat buildup and check the status of your weapons. If a weapon overheats, but isn't destroyed, it will be operational again once it cools down. You can speed up this process by moving bot-o to the corresponding node to help cool them down. This also applies to cooling down your thrusters! The nodes are scattered around the ship, but follow a mostly logical order. Left weapon on the left, right weapon on the right, thrusters at the rear. bot-o just needs to be standing on the node for their repair to take effect, simple! Note that if a weapon breaks completely, it will start smoking and not be repairable, you're going to need to replace it!

Weapon Replacement

You may find weapons in the field, or simply wish to swap out a broken weapon. Thankfully bot-o has your back! There's 2 steps to swapping out a weapon:

1. Select the weapon in the cargo bay

2. Swap the weapon out at the corresponding node

To select a new weapon, move bot-o to the cargo bay at the center of the ship. Moving against the node there will cycle which weapon will be fed to the turret when you swap it out. The cargo bay will even show you what weapon is currently selected! May take some time to learn what each weapon looks like though... thankfully the kind folks at Big Gun Co.™ were nice enough to color code them!

One you have the gun picked out, move bot-o back to the turret you want to replace, then move them against the node. If the weapon is destroyed, bot-o will eject the debris into space, otherwise they'll put that gun back into your ship's *limitless* inventory. After a quick wait, your new weapon should appear and be ready to fire! Note that this doesn't fix your weapon's durability, and most salvaged weapons have some wear and tear on them already!


Sometimes you can take a beating out in space! In the event that your ship is looking worse than it normally is, bot-o can make some repairs for you! Move bot-o to the very top node (labelled "REP"), and they'll slowly restore your ship back into working shape. Note that this is the only place on the ship that bot-o can access the systems they need to make repairs. If bot-o isn't there, your ship won't heal itself!

Loot, Enemies and Bounties

People say space is vast and empty, but not here it 'aint! You can find all sorts of goodies and baddies scattered around. If you see a crate, simply fly over it and your ship will store it for later. Baddies are also prowling around, and will start to shoot at you if you get too close! But that's what you're here for, isn't it!? Blasting these baddies back to Betelgeuse will earn you plenty of bounty bunce! Note that if you're blown up yourself, your currently collected bounties will go towards your career total, minus some handling fees for picking you and your ship out of the debris field and re-assembling you.


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